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Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

We offer the complete solution for your charging needs from a single source

Electric mobility is booming. Due to the increasing number of available models and the ever increasing range, the number of electric vehicles on the roads is growing steadily. With this increase, the expansion of charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. Together with the charging infrastructure specialist eliso, we will help you to cover the need for charging options.

Our range of services extends from all aspects of planning, awarding installation services, through construction to operation, and is aimed at professional users and investors. For example, the planning and creation of a charging park at a motorway service station, at a shopping center, at the airport, ... or the equipping of fleet and employee parking spaces.

Your benefits with LEONI

Direct contact

A direct contact as a solution provider or general contractor for all aspects of charging infrastructure (AC and DC) in Switzerland


High cost security

High cost security with optimized costs thanks to a complete solution from one single source



Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions for your individual applications: For example, for charging options for electric buses and integration into the local depot / charging depot management system

Manufacturer-independent charging solutions

Manufacturer-independent charging solutions - this applies to both the charging station and the cables

Competence & experience

Competence and experience in cabling, no matter how complex the initial situation is


Consumption analysis & load control

Saving (electricity) costs or network charges through consumption analysis and intelligent load control

Connection requests

With the integration of our subsidiary company Adaptricity, we create connection requests and reveal optimization options in the local distribution network to reduce or avoid network expansion measures



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