Safety and installation cables BETAflam®

For a safe supply

Building and transport infrastructures have to meet extremely stringent requirements to provide protection against the consequences of faults and fire. LEONI’s BETAflam® non-toxic, flame retardant products have set the standards in this area for the past 15 years. These cables are standard products in safetyrelevant civil engineering installations. Now LEONI is carrying its expertise in safety cable systems over to voltage classes beyond 1000 V, by developing its TRI-DELTA XDME medium voltage cable further. The BETApower® Fireprotec 12 / 20 kV achieves a fire safety standard of 180 minutes, which makes it unique in this market.

The new cable design meets stringent requirements and guarantees genuine benefits:

  • Low in weight and easy to install
  • Shorter installation time
  • Lower electrical losses, and lower energy costs
  • Lower electromagnetic radiation
  • Lower installation costs


BETApower® Fireprotec

BETApower® Fireprotec

For a safe supply



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