Network planning for distribution network planners

Transparency in power grid planning

The increasingly complex structure and increasing decentralization of distribution grids requires efficient network planning tools. With Adaptricity software solutions, you'll be picked up right where your network planning needs support.
With Adaptricity.Plan, -.Sim and -.Mon you move in a future-proof environment for planning, simulation and monitoring of your distribution network. Not only do you benefit from the cloud-based solution, you can also trust the Adaptricity expert support team at all times.


is the simplest and most user-friendly software available for static network calculations. You import your network model in less than two minutes and then you can statically analyze your entire network or legally assess connection requests in an easy-to-understand process. The latest standards such as DACHCZ 2007 and VDE AR-N 4100 are covered.


is the comprehensive network planning and simulation environment for time-series based simulation of medium and low voltage networks. Analyze data from the past, interpolate into the future, and answer questions about future developments in easy-to-create "what if" scenarios.


shows you at a glance the current status of the grid in terms of load and voltage. Critical network conditions are detected almost in real time. Appropriate measures can be evaluated directly in full by Adaptricity.Sim.


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