New technologies for DC PV-Applications

DC cables are the “life veins“ of every PV system. They have to defy wind and weather conditions for many years and reliably safeguard the electricity yields. Compared to other components the DC cabling only takes 1% of the investment costs of a PV power plant - although it is one of the most important link of the electricity generation chain.

For this reason PV power plant operators and investors should pay heed to high quality and state-of-the-art DC components to enable a reliable, decades-long power generation. LEONI develops and produces innovative state-of-the-art Interconnect DC systems and all  components in-house with materials of highest quality. All DC components pass through several steps of quality management to save a reliable and durable operation.

The 1500 V DC advantage

Since 2012 PV module costs have been reduced strongly, inverter costs have been halved. Although it has a big impact to PV systems, the typical “Balance of System” (BoS) design of Solar PV power plants didn´t remarkably change. Along with its business partner, LEONI is developing new, intelligent ways for a more efficient System - in DC cabling and in mechanical construction.

The new 1,500VDC technology is one of these important PV evolution steps that reduce the “Levelized Costs Of Electricity” (LCOE) strongly. Large module strings with more PV panels at less cabling efforts can be realized (less solar cable, less combiner boxes, less junctions and less installation time). With 1,500VDC string length, up to 50% more PV panels can be interconnected. Furthermore the higher DC voltage is reducing the required amount of inverter stations.

Data-Driven grid analytics enabling more cost-effective grid operation & planning

  • Simulation of the grid up to the detail
  • Grid analytics lead to more cost-effective grid operation & planning
  • Point hidden potential of the grid
  • Prosumer behavior monitoring
  • Advanced smart grid simulation
  • Intelligent smart grid use
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Investment & operation cost reduction
  • Insight to failure probability
  • Maintain grid stability

The LEONI Interconnectivity DC String Cabling System offers you a specific solution for you solar project

  • 50 % reduction of installation cables
  • 25 % reduction of connectors
  • 50 % reduction of installation time
  • Smaller PV array junction box possible
  • In-line fuses and diodes can be integrated directly into the cable

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LEONI DC Solutions



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