Standard packaging / transport conditions

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Customers of LEONI receive their BETAflam® Solar deliveries on schedule from the standard stock in Germany. Large buffer stocks are available there to ensure flexibility. Currently, LEONI manages several individual customer stocks across the world in order to avoid out-of-stock situations in the supply chain. By agreement, suitable purchase contracts can be made to create further buffer stocks on a worldwide basis, which can be tailored and managed to individual requirements. 


  • Wooden packaging according to the IPPC ISPM-15 standard (Bew. Nr. CH-90055-HT-DB): All pallets and plywood reels acc. to IPPC standard ISPM15, the producer is registered as CH-90055-HT-DB.
  • Fit for sea, air and land transport
  • Can be stacked 2-high


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Standard packaging / Transport conditions



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