Compound development at LEONI Studer AG

Since years, the development and production of HFFR compounds (HFFR = halogen-free flame retardant) has been one of the core competencies at LEONI Studer AG. Our materials specialists develop solutions relating to compounds that are specifically tailored to the needs of each customer. This includes the continuous development of process technologies 

At LEONI Studer AG, compounds are developed for the entire LEONI Group. EU-funded projects in interdisciplinary teams underline our innovative thinking in the field of compound development. Our goal is to develop products with novel properties, for example, in terms of flame retardancy, flexibility or resistance to various media. The reduction of compound costs through the use of new raw materials is one of them.

Our material development has different proprietary laboratories. There, our compounding attempts are carried out up to the pilot scales for the production of prototypes. This gives us the possibility to produce already in an early development stage near to our manufacturing process.

Modern testing facilities in our laboratories enable us to perform the most mentioned standards for fire tests, aging simulations or testing related to mechanical or chemical properties similar to the subsequent field of application.

These competences distinguish us both in our current products as well as future developments.


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