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We cross-link our solar cables with electron-beams. This ensures that they operate reliably even in extreme weather conditions and over a long working period

Electrons are used for crosslinking and modification of plastics as well as sterilization and decontamination of raw materials and finished products. These small particles can with specific application, optimize the performance envelope of many products. As a leading technology supplier we modify and improve products for many industrial customers as well as for the plastics developed and used for cables by LEONI.

More importantly, with rising demands in the industrialisation of processes, growing ecological awareness and the safety requirements of end products, electron beam crosslinking and treatment provide important opportunities to save resources. Improved temperature and chemical resistance, flexural strength and abrasion resistance, more durable products and tailored optimization of safety relevant properties are thereby only a few of the capabilities of these highly specialized procedures.

A safe connection for the future.


Electron beam irradiation

for processing plastics



with 10 MeV electron beams



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